1. A man who believes the ladies love him - however he is sorely and ignorantly mistaken. A dickman will live his entire life under the impression that people enjoy his presence - but they do not.
2. Dickman is also a common term for people who "cut you off" on the road. It's origin lies in the original definition of dickman, as many qualities of a dickman carry over to various other parts of a dickman's life.
I can't believe that guy keeps hitting on me, as if he could ever get with me...what a dickman!
by JSharkey September 28, 2006
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It's an character, for example like pokemon pikachu or something, but it's made completely out of dicks (penis).
Usually it's body is penis shaped, with balls (legs) down and penis (torso) facing up. In the upper part of penis (head) it has another penis facing down, it represents eyes and nose of the character. To left and right from the middle of the character are arms, they are also penises, but long ones. In the end of arm penises there are 3-4 penises with balls representing fingers. Under arms there are balls with hair on them representing hair under arms (they are balls for the arm penises). There are some penises usually 6-7 representing all kinds of hairstyles of the character also.
When you draw all that you get a funny character made entirely out of penis shaped parts. People usually write "hug me" words next to the drawing.
Hey that thing looks just like the dickman.
by kaerbaka January 13, 2010
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An eloquent insult conjured up in the 2010 era to describe or refer to someone in the act of dicking around, dicking with and/or around someone, or flat out being a dick. All of this without visual contact of said dick.
"Keegan you dickman, get over here with that hammer."
"Dickman alert: Here comes Preston."
"Throw away that apple core you dickman."
by Anti-dickman February 15, 2010
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A cunt of the highest order. A cunt so cunty all other cunts are measured by her cuntyness.
"Did you see what that awful broad wrote? " , "yeah, what a dickman douche"
by Dace Solo December 10, 2016
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Dickman Fatigue


1. 1. A syndrome resulting in extreme tiredness or frustration when mental or emotional attention is given to a dickman. Symptoms may include frustration, anger, spontaneous eye rolls, uncontrollable middle finger flipping, nausea, loss of appetite, strong desire to engage in substance abuse.

“ Similar:
tiredness *caused by “dickman” exposure
weariness *caused by “dickman” exposure
exhaustion *caused by “dickman” exposure
lethargy *caused by “dickman” exposure
joyfulness *possible when avoiding “dickman” meetings
happiness *possible when avoiding “dickman” meetings
“That meeting gave me dickman fatigue, I definitely need a drink...or 10.
by LannieLifeCoach November 2, 2021
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