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the best taco place ever
man, i just had some Mighty Taco. It was better than ur mom last night.
by jo Mamma February 28, 2004

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when your crappin and before it comes out you fart a couple times in a row to make a machine gun sound
by jo mamma February 24, 2003

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To make out with a man who has stubble to the point that it chafes your skin and gives you an open rash; very embarrassing
"If I were to be like Jessie and pull a 680 with you, my face would be RAW!"
by jo mamma February 04, 2005

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Person who likes a finger in the ass while performing normal everday functions, like "doing the dishes" or "painting"
Shane emmert's hands stink he must be a beau batsell.
by jo mamma May 31, 2004

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to cream oneself (ejaculate) on account of something very simple, usually involving Boston, e.g. the Red Sox winning the World Series, the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, or sushi
"Oh, dude, oh, dude, OH, DUDE!" "Man, you totally Kraninged when you ate that sushi!"
by jo mamma February 03, 2005

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A big fatty
we be smokin a jiggittyjizzoint
by jo mamma April 17, 2003

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a homo who really likes men
yo that kid such a mancinelli
by jo mamma February 24, 2003

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