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2 words, "A legend!", no, really, once drummer for the who, but died in new york 3 1/2 months after a reenactment gig they did for "the kids are alright" in 1979. this man was also crazy, I mean crazy, this is the sort of guy who threw cherry bombs down upon police officers from his hotel room window, and once, in Saskatoon, Canada, got so bored he resorted to chopping ALL his hotel furniture into kindling.
Keith Moon! I salute you!
by jimmy smith May 10, 2005
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life is the ability to feel, the ability to know, the ability to move, the ability to speak out.
really, to tell the truith, life IS
by Jimmy Smith June 11, 2005
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something that tosser insurance companys use, so you can't sue some corporation because there was an accident with a man made object, that was caused by a natural event, so say, a mudslide pushes your poorly constructed house over, along with another 200 peoples, nobady can sue the builders because they didn't cause the mudslide. widely documented in the fictional movie with billy connoly, "the man who sued god" about a man whose bat is destroyed when lightning strikes it, and sets off to sue the insurance company, then, after discovering about the act of god rule, goes and sues god...
my car was hit by a weakly cemented signpost during gale force winds, and I can't sue the fucking council because it's an act of god dammit!
by jimmy smith April 11, 2005
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the shittiest school in the southern hemisphere, I was learnig shit there (keyword, shit) that I learnt in year 2 at my previous school. marbury and the principal and the rest of the teachers there (except Jodi and Sue, they were good teachers, I actually learnt stuff thru them) and have a pike shoved up their arses and drowned, then revived, then have the same thing happen to them all over again
ME: lets go kill some bridgewater teachers
OTHER ME: yes, that'll be good for a laugh.
by Jimmy Smith March 06, 2005
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1.brown hessian bags
2.the bags that holds your balls
3.the things bums use to carry their shit around.
1.move those sacks or I'll shove them up you arse!!!
2.don't you dare touch my sack!
3.move your fucking sacks you lazy bum!
by Jimmy Smith March 18, 2005
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thay say hes realy *fag* good
marbarian sings that song by those guys, that goes: "i'm a dick, I'm a dick, I'm addicted to poo"
by jimmy smith April 25, 2005
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to be a complete dickhead, and ruin all bmxers fun at skateparks with the whole "I'ts called a skatepark for a reason" bullshit
Dickhead: lets go skate!
Me: fuck no, skatings for pansys, and tossers who need to compensate for something (if u know what I mean, and I think you do)
by jimmy smith May 06, 2005
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