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A method of sexual congress during which the female participant is fucked up the arse whilst her tender gentleman lover cocks her leg with one hand and holds her hair with the other, forming a pair of Husky Reins.
'I say Mary, you're positively glowing this morning - I trust you had a good night's sleep!'

'Stuff and nonsense, Matilda - James the butler put the Spinnaker on me last night - I tell you, I'm walking like fucking John Wayne today!'

by jimiusm September 11, 2006
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Anyone who acts like a local nonce, bit of a boy-botherer, no qualms about inviting people back from nightclubs 'for a swim'.
Marjorie, don't give the kids any money for the ice cream van today - I've just noticed a bit of a simmo hanging round the park.
by jimiusm May 25, 2005
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A person who wears ralph lauren polo shirts, tight khaki shorts, and drapes a creme sweater over their shoulders. Usually wears Timberland loafers, looking like a right cunt. Probably called Piers or Tarquin, or, if American, Chet, Todd, Ty or Reynolds.
'Hey look at that chap over there drinking the martini and pretending to be considerably richer than us'.

'Yeah - Boat Cunt.'

by jimiusm September 11, 2006
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