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Ammonium Sulfide in a glass bottel that when broken can really clear a hallway or classroom. Best used in the doorway of a classroom. When using it remeber to keep mum because it usual results in an in school suspension.
Did you smell that stink bomb cody let off in the hall way? He got a few days of CLC for that crap.
by Jeff Johnson May 18, 2005
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Ampallang Piercing is a popular male genital piercing. The most important things for a successful Ampallang piercing are the placement of the piercing and sizing of jewellery.

Ampallang piercing is usually placed horizontally through the head of the penis, above the urethra. This piercing can take a while to settle down, normally around three to six months.
"Ah the Ampallang well chosen, Now thats a piercing!" - Strangeland
by Jeff Johnson December 09, 2004
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The best chapstick brand known to man, it also relives cold sores. For fun it can be squirted very far and looks very cool when done right.
"Mike R. won't stop putting on the freaking carmex, he's in love"

"Dude at recess I threw carmex at Joanna and it looked like some one had given her a spiderman"
by Jeff Johnson May 25, 2005
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(greek for phallos)

1. Latin term for erect penis
2. Descibe someone to have penis like qualities
3. Clitorus of the female
1. Phallus amat (Translation: You Love Penis)
2. Agricola phalli est
3. He licked your phallus?

"Mr. Kolo, what does Phallus mean" (teacher blushes)
by Jeff Johnson December 04, 2005
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Stands for Corrective Learning Center which is a nicer phrase for In School Suspension.
Kevin got three days of CLC for pulling down that kids pants in gym.
by Jeff Johnson May 18, 2005
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An rock band known as the "hash-pipe guys" or the "sweater-song guys", known for their emotional song lyrics and ani-rock star atitude.
"Weezer is so emo" *punch in the face* "Fuck you faggot"
by Jeff Johnson July 20, 2005
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LGFU, Lets Get Fucked Up, taken from the motion city soundtrack song LGFUAD. Meaning to get wasted.
"Dude my bitch left me, LGFU"

"What do you want to do tonight?", "Uhm.. LGFU"
by Jeff Johnson July 20, 2005
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