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a racist word for jewish people
Eric cartman: haha kike!
kyle:shut your god damn mouth fat boy!
Eric cartman :hey don't call me fat butt fucker!
by jc from h-town November 07, 2007

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also known as the color chanigin lizard.
he repps OUR hometown houston texas!!!
he usualy raps with paul wall...
THE best rapper out there and the future or hip hop...
he takes a strong stand against hating..
in my opinion ridin is his best song..
fuck the fucking haters!!!!
said and still says chamillionaire
by jc from h-town November 10, 2007

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home to the best rappers around! including chamillionaire , lil flip,mike jones, paul wall. also know as bling bling
capital usa!4th biggist town is the usa and 2nd to none!
h-town is know to kill all the haterz...
also home to the houston texans and rockets..
haterz: hey bitch,your cloth suck!
h-town guy:hatin ehy?
POW!you hear a gunshot and no one shows up...
h-town bitch!!!
by jc from h-town October 23, 2007

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Mothers Against Canada
join mac now to bring Canada down!
by jc from h-town November 12, 2007

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a video game console from sony to be released in the year 2010.it is also rumored that it will be a virtual simulation suit.
the game console playstation 4 is to be released in 2010!
by jc from h-town October 30, 2007

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hating: a crime punishable with no less than death in the houston texas area.
no hating please!
your going to get your self killed!
me: too late bitch!............
by jc from h-town October 23, 2007

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to smoke marijuana to u cant take it anymore
as said my xzibit in the song bitch please
I'm the Head Nigga In Charge, I'm watchin you move
You're found dead in your garage, with ten o'clock news covers
Gotta love it, cause I expose the facade
Your little lungs is too small to hotbox with God
All jokes aside, come bounce with us
Standin over you with a twelve gauge, about to bust
It's like ashes to ashes and dust to dust
I might leave in the bodybag, but never in cuffs
So who do you trust? They just not rugged enough
When things get rough I'm in the club shootin with Puff
Bitch, please - you must have a mental disease
Assume the position and get back down on your knees - c'mon
by jc from h-town November 10, 2007

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