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Topper is an adorable dog. He is a doggy model, he performs on TV shows and has a large Instagram audience. All his fans or "toppies" love him and he loves them right back!
Person A: Look at this cute dog I found on Instagram!
Person B: Oh, that's Topper.
by janmhorowi April 20, 2017
Swifties don't merely "like" Taylor Swift. They adore her. Swifties tend to be sweet, generous, introverted and very literate, just like their idol Taylor. Swifties tend to occupy Tumblr since that's where Taylor goes the most. They also live on Twitter and Instagram. You're super lucky if you know a Swiftie and you better befriend them right away.
Person 1: Anna seems like a Swiftie. She baked me cookies today.
Person 2: Yeah, she's totally a Swiftie. We should be her best friend. Everyone should be friends with Swifties.
by janmhorowi April 6, 2017
Dogs are angelic creatures that deserve love and respect. Dogs are sweet and they love their owners and their owners love them back. Anyone who abuses and doesn't like dogs is a cruel monster and should go to hell. Dogs are innocent and beautiful in their own way. There is no such thing as a mean dog.
Person A: Aren't dogs the sweetest?
Person B: I know, they really are. I love dogs.
by janmhorowi April 7, 2017
a hair cut that resembles a bowl. usually found on little children and older women. You can achieve a bowl cut by putting bowl on ones head and cutting off any hair that hangs over the bowl.
Did you see Janices hair? It's like a bowl cut!
by janmhorowi May 17, 2017