5 definitions by jamzyyyy

A flounder that has an unnatural ardour for 'mguu'. Often looks like they're walking on a peg leg. Overly expressive when talking (a lot of head movement, hand gestures, shaking of the face much like Richard Nixon).
Theobold : *skrrrrrrs away on peg-leg*
by jamzyyyy July 03, 2018
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The feeling of lust towards towards a particular ass.
Guy 1:'Yo, bro y'all see that ass over there?'
Guy 2:'Yeah Man I got heavy butt lust on that shit'
by jamzyyyy May 30, 2019
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When you want something obscenely/aggravatingly large to fuck off because of its annoying existence or presence.
person 1 : "can you get the salt please"
person 2 : "no Johns big fuck off ego is in the way"


person 1 : "Why isn't the traffic moving"
person 2 : "Because that big fuck off truck crashed in the middle of the road"
by jamzyyyy January 15, 2019
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Something someone with a regular job that isn't streaming , YouTube or playing World of Warcraft has.
Person : Hey you! Yes you! Get to sleep, Your lack of a sleeping pattern is unhealthy!
WoW Player : *lazily slurs* Lemme fnsh ths dunjun *eats week old unidentifiable food off the floor*
WoW Player : *Finishes dungeon and ques up for 'one more'
by jamzyyyy August 27, 2018
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A mighty specimen related to the nonce.
random child : oi nonce get'ere
me : stfu faffy
random child : shit im outa here
by jamzyyyy July 02, 2018
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