5 definitions by jaklumen

possessing little body fat so that the muscles *clearly* stand out and are well defined. A bodybuilding term.
Dude, that bodybuilder is ripped! If you want to get ripped, you should read those Clarence Bass books.
by jaklumen September 6, 2003
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A blood-sucking insect that can carry malaria and the West Nile Virus. Literally means "little fly" in Spanish.
DEET is pretty effective against those damn mosquitos.
by jaklumen September 6, 2003
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a hairdo buzzed close to the scalp. Also called a G.I. or buzz cut.
Variations include the '50s flattop.
He had head lice so often as a kid that he just kept the crew cut done his mom started.
by jaklumen September 6, 2003
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Someone really fanatical and devoted to something; gung-ho, committed.
That bro over there is diehard about his hobby... he spends mad dollars on it.
by jaklumen October 4, 2003
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skippin' rope with two ropes twirling at the same time. Was really big in the '80s and apparently is making a small comeback.
by jaklumen September 7, 2003
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