11 definitions by jaebaen

A 6d thing that prohibits anything from existing.
There are no uses for the word in a sentence, but it's used in common words to describe it, for example:
Wow, I wonder why the thing that stops things from existing {bvd yuwsuhnjdfcgvhbnuwsedfghd5fnm8g,9} is very powerful...
by jaebaen March 15, 2023
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The word means a void with everything smaller than nothing...
Well, I would blame it on the qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm.
by jaebaen March 14, 2023
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A grassy, minty, sweet, spicy mixture of mixed herbs and plants.
The advertisement says that most minsacaline is on sale.
by jaebaen March 15, 2023
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clipping and glitch through an desd clip ( a joint complex of 098*)
clipdenson through this ben ckn.
by jaebaen March 13, 2023
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The two BFFs got married, and now their baby is something new...
The matchcil is so cute.
by jaebaen March 15, 2023
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A stew consisting of acorns, onions, BBQ meat, and cleaned and salted pecans.
I like this jallopine , and it's so good that I want 3 pounds of it daily!
by jaebaen March 15, 2023
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A W.I.M.P. (a wimp that is a particularly smart wimp) that wins all the time.
by jaebaen March 15, 2023
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