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An alternative way to spell fuck for publication in places that don't approve of or can not tolerate the traditional spelling.
Phuc dude, did you see the air he got on the half pipe yesterday!
by izzyd December 04, 2004

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Adjective. Describes something more than just sweet.
Dude, that is one sweet ass car; did you steal it?
She was accepted at Duke on scholoarship and got a sweet ass deal on her dorm fees as well.
by izzyd March 25, 2006

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Describing someone who may be snuggled
After I told her about her breath issue, she was less snuggable.
by IzzyD July 24, 2005

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List of names and phone numbers from which one makes booty calls. In higher circles this list is probably considered one's "little black book". Listing may be of heterosexual or homosexual potential partners but the term intones potential for anal sex.
Nadia broke up with me so tonight I guess I will start dialing for dollars from my directumory.
by izzyd September 09, 2007

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The phrase "it's a thing" is typically used to end a conversation peacefully if it is straying into potentially fractious terrain.
Jake "Coming from the Chicago political machine Obama is either dangerously nieve or complicit about the selling of his senate seat."

Mary "The fact that he didn't know and was not involved in what was going on in Chicago while ramping up as president of the United States is not an indicator of incompetence!"

Jake "It's a thing"

Bob "How long have you been playing WOW?"
Bill with some pride "Slightly over 24 hours"
Bob "That is crazy, I think you are in need of an intervention"
Bill "It's a thing."
by izzyd December 22, 2011

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