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This is a combo of gut and cunt. The gunt is the huge layer of belly fat that hangs over the waist on morbidly obese women and covers the vagina. If for some reason, someone would actually want to have sex with this woman, the gunt must be lifted up out of the way to expose the genitals.
Hey Tommy, I want to bag that fat woman at the bar....Well, I'll be your wingman, I'll be there with the jaws of life to move her gunt out of the way so you can work it.
by imbadinnv October 19, 2005
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When a man wears his pants tight and high. This creates his nuts to split in two. Kind of similar to a female's cameltoe.
Our manager, Dennis, wears his Jordache jeans he bought in 1980 on jeans and hawaiian shirt day at work. They are so tight, it appears that his nuts are getting a divorce.
by imbadinnv August 02, 2005
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As a woman gets older and her vagina or meat wallet gets larger, to tighten her up so it feels 20 years younger, a ham is stuffed into the womans vagina and the bone is pulled out. This creates a more youthful feeling vagina.
Shanana's vagina was so loose, all I could do was work the sidewall. Our sex life has improved since she got that hamjob....Another satisfied customer
by imbadinnv September 06, 2005
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A lesbian that likes to perform cunnilingus.
Ritz is a snackcracker.Cindy, the lesbian, is a cracksnacker. Just look at her mowing the box on that dyke.
by imbadinnv August 02, 2005
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A person with a bright orange mullet and sparse orange facial hair from the deep south. Usually can be seen wearing bib overalls without a shirt or shoes. Many of them answer to the name of Curtis.
Curtis, the orangebilly applied for a job as Ronald McDonalds stunt double. But was denied the job when he refused to wear shoes.
by imbadinnv September 10, 2005
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