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When a woman wraps a slice of ham around a guy's penis and then gives him a handjob.
Nick: Man to spice up me and Blair's love life i had her give me a hamjob the other day.

Bobby: Yo how was it?

by dukerj94 August 12, 2010
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A brilliant pun made by a University of Pennsylvania UA Wharton Representative Candidate in Spring 2011 that refers to the amazing job she'll do on the UA. Working for increased student involvement in PSG, interculturalism, and collaboration between student organizations, I know who I'll be voting for.
That ham job girl has such great ideas for the UA!
by kate4ua March 29, 2011
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As a woman gets older and her vagina or meat wallet gets larger, to tighten her up so it feels 20 years younger, a ham is stuffed into the womans vagina and the bone is pulled out. This creates a more youthful feeling vagina.
Shanana's vagina was so loose, all I could do was work the sidewall. Our sex life has improved since she got that hamjob....Another satisfied customer
by imbadinnv September 06, 2005
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a handjob received after the age of 20
Ranger Ham was a 20 year old park ranger when he received his first handjob. Because handjobs are almost exclusively given in the early teens, it seems appropriate that in Ranger Ham's honor we define any handjob given after the age of 20 as a hamjob.
by Lil Chewy July 17, 2008
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To wrap ham (specifically sliced ham) around a person's penis and give them a hand job. Afterwards, the giver takes the ham and eats it.
"Now, you wanna give me a ham job!"

"I think I'm going to ask Bill to give me a ham job"
by Vagiotta April 24, 2007
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"Mr. Porky" came running when the ham job bell rang.

Seconds later he was getting some hot manual loving from the Miss Piggy glove.
by scodder May 25, 2010
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A hand job given by a fat stripper.
I went to the strip club and got a cottage cheese cutey to give me the best hamjob ever.
by Snuggle Piss April 14, 2016
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