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When a man wears his pants tight and high. This creates his nuts to split in two. Kind of similar to a female's cameltoe.
Our manager, Dennis, wears his Jordache jeans he bought in 1980 on jeans and hawaiian shirt day at work. They are so tight, it appears that his nuts are getting a divorce.
by imbadinnv August 02, 2005
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the male version of the camel toe.
When Cashmere (AKA porn king) goes a courtin' he be sportin' da man-toe.
by pork chop lover August 26, 2003
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this is where your shorts ride up and split your sac, putting one of your balls on different sides of the seam. also known as a male camel foot
That dude wearing the Richard Simmons shorts has a mad man toe going on.
by boregard December 05, 2006
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The swelling of the male appendage caused by infrequent or negligible sexual activity becomes prominent when wearing ill fitting or tight trousers.
Hey David nice pants, look a bit tight though, I can almost see your mantoe.
by Franky J September 05, 2007
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when emo kids and crusty punks where their pants so tight it looks like they have a deformed camel toe
nice man toe trevor, thats cool your lil sister let you borrow her pants
by sid pain October 19, 2008
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Pulling ones penis back into the ass checks and letting a ball hang down on each side.
Wow! Nice man toe! You put China to shame.
by Kuma 13 June 07, 2007
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