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someone who is into the goblincore fandom. someone who collects buttons, beads, dice, rocks, gems, crystals, pinecones and various miscellaneous items. they love the outdoors and their clothing choice usually varies around corduroy, overalls, embroidered/painted items, sweaters, and boots. they...are inclined to go feral once in a while.
random dude: why does stella have so much stuff in her room?
random other dude: ahh, she's a goblin.
by imachickenugget September 13, 2020

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This is Peridot's definition of a shirt (they are actually shorts tho) to which Garnet replies, "Nice shorts..." Peridot is quite new to Earth so she doesn't know what a pair of shorts are.
green space dorito: imagine... appearance modifiers that aren't melded to your body!
two lesbians that mould into one lesbian: nice shorts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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by imachickenugget May 22, 2020

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it's the word that subway surfer story kids use instead of seggs so they don't get banned on tiktok and get their accounts stolen. there are millions of different versions of this phrase, like god 3000, gorilla 3000, cluck cluck 3000, etc. it's subway surfer storytime kid slang so don't take it seriously.
subway surfer kid: yeah so me and my boyfriend did the gok gok 3000 for 2 hot StEaMY hours >:))))
by imachickenugget November 22, 2020

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one of the many sides of Tiktok that focuses on Wiccan and Pagan religions as well as normal witchcraft. Baby witches (beginner withes) are welcome but the community are prone to gatekeeping and selfishness sometimes. If you're on the right pages, you'll have a great time. Things on witchtok that are common to watch are:
Intuition tests
Spell jar recipes
Deity talk
Talk about shadow work, entities and spirits, etc
Spell ideas
Element magic
Astral projection
That's all I could think of, and there are some risks to it, but it's a fun side to be on. Bye!
A: Hey, what side of Tiktok are you on?
B: Witchtok, you?
A: sTrAiGhT tIkToK
B: *leaves*
by imachickenugget October 12, 2020

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amy is the besttttttttttt omggggggggg she loves cherries and pasta and stuff and art and she likes puppies so get her one for her birthday do it she'll love u =w=
Guy: omgggggggggg amy is so flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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by imachickenugget February 15, 2020

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my whole existence
person: hey do you believe in god?
me: nah but you know what's a sin? my whole entire life bish
by imachickenugget November 22, 2020

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if you use this your probably some cringy emo 14-year-old who refuses to express any other emotion other than sadness, anger or whatever this emoji is. if someone has sent you this they are either a scene kid or emo kid who secretly loves you or just a normal person who actually hates you. sorry if I'm being too brutally honest, though.
A: omg she sent me a 🖤 what do i do?
B: i'm so sorry. she's emo now 😔
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by imachickenugget September 15, 2020

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