one of the many sides of Tiktok that focuses on Wiccan and Pagan religions as well as normal witchcraft. Baby witches (beginner withes) are welcome but the community are prone to gatekeeping and selfishness sometimes. If you're on the right pages, you'll have a great time. Things on witchtok that are common to watch are:
Intuition tests
Spell jar recipes
Deity talk
Talk about shadow work, entities and spirits, etc
Spell ideas
Element magic
Astral projection
That's all I could think of, and there are some risks to it, but it's a fun side to be on. Bye!
A: Hey, what side of Tiktok are you on?
B: Witchtok, you?
A: sTrAiGhT tIkToK
B: *leaves*
by imachickenugget October 12, 2020
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