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A shock site is a website that is intended to be offensive to its viewers, though it can also contain elements of (in some viewers) sexual arousal. They contain material of high shock value, generally of an NSFW nature. Some shock sites display a single picture, animation, video clip or small gallery, and are circulated via email or disguised in posts to discussion sites as a prank. Gallery sites can contain beheadings, execution, electrocution, suicide, murder, stoning, torching, drowning, vehicular accidents, war victims, rape, necrophilia, genital mutilation and other sexual crimes.
Shock sites are the worst thing in the world! They should not exist!
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by ihvftyh February 19, 2021

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Some made up rules of the internet that must be followed. People do anything to follow them. One well-known rule is Rule 34.
Person 1: hey, look up the rules of the internet!
Person 2: *looks it up*
Person 2: *Dies*
by ihvftyh February 19, 2021

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1. Defenestration (the action of throwing someone out of a window)

2. Said when describing excitement

3. The word said by some when throwing a thing for no reason
Past tense is yote
Person 1: Throws Mike out of a window
Person 2: Hey! Person 1 is yeeting mike out of a window!
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by ihvftyh June 06, 2021

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