Not wanting to kick it or hang out as late as the rest of your friends either because you want to sleep early or have stuff to do the next day.
"Damn, he don't even wanna kick it anymore. He's finna mike out." or "This guy ain't a real friend, he's always miking out before the party's over."
by miking out September 10, 2005
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Going for crazy for men or a certain object. Raging until you shit your pants
Mike is Miking Out for Luker
by Genie is life May 28, 2018
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to flake, or back out on plans
Aaron: Mike are you going to the Y today?
Mike: Yes, I'll be there.


Aaron: Dude, you miked out on me again.
by illinois baller May 15, 2008
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The ability to crash, when it is more difficult to crash than not.
Oh did he just Mike the hell out of it
by WileyCayotay March 01, 2021
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Mac- “I can’t win Doc!”
Doc Louis- “Dodge his punch and then counterpunch!”
Mac- “But I can’t, Mr. Sandman’s Dreamland Express (Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!!) is too bullshit fast!”
by PigstepGud December 06, 2021
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