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top north east drugs spot. also they grow nuclear chips here and the children skip to school glowing green
blyth power station and drugs raids
by ian david wright October 12, 2007

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chav, charv, charva: someone who acts big and hard when they are with the rest of their own kind pick on the young and old never anyone who can fight back.
smoke drink drugs and get pregnant at a very young age,
dress mainly in tracksuits checkard and branded names only.
newcastle chav: here man ya fukin divi al nock ya clean oot!!
"here mate lends a tab, money, light"

someone who wears rockports and starts on some random person for no reason what so ever!
by ian david wright January 28, 2009

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Cramlington is a famous location in northumberland just outside newcastle famous for manor walks, buzcock and inbreds.

A place where all the little divys go and inbreds 2 drink act hard and get easy sex.
'Here ye cumin 2 crammy/cramlington 4 a drink, shag the slags and have a fight like hew'

'my dads my grandad and my ma's my auntie'
by ian david wright April 23, 2010

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A company that will give you IT qualifications that would usually take years in just 5months, and in the process you will sign your life over to them they will take your home and social life stamp all over it and by the time you finish the course you will be on a nervous breakdown and will not want to use another computer as long as you shal live and also have 10 years on the sick recovering.
"hi my name is mr zenos i am here to day to bore you to death with 2 sh*t jokes and 7,000,000 slides that will last the rest of your life"

it is a microsoft organisation trainning and work experience scheme.
by ian david wright October 12, 2007

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a store which trains people into dumb robots to sell even dumber robots which we commenly know as pcs.
for people who cant afford a propper pc
hello sir welcome to pc world how cant i help in making your mind to buy this machine with our support that costs more then your machine is worth and has a warrenty that expires as soon as it leaves this store.
by ian david wright January 28, 2009

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