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A person who will constantly shout, scream and insult others for a mistake they made, regardless if it is big or small.
This guy was shouting at me because I put jam on the toast instead of butter! He's such a Gordon Ramsay!
by iamnotmyself March 30, 2022
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1 (noun) - The act of inflicting severe pain or suffering on someone as a punishment, revenge or in order for them to do or say something.

2 (verb) - Inflict severe pain or suffering on someone.

3 (slang adjective) - Very difficult to do or complete.

4 (slang verb) - Annoy or scare someone.
D1 - The torture of many political prisoners.

D2 - Most of the victims were brutally tortured.

D3 - Creating a robot is absolutely torture!

D4 - He will torture me by pulling pranks on me every day.
by iamnotmyself April 13, 2022
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The noisy alarm was nuisant as it made an absolute racket.
by iamnotmyself July 1, 2022
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Given to games considered by PEGI suitable for all ages.

Violence - PEGI 3 games can only contain some violence in a comical text; comical violence.

Bad Language - Not suitable for games given this rating.

Discrimination - Not suitable for games given this rating.

Drugs - Not suitable for games given this rating.

Fear - Not suitable for games given this rating.

Gambling - Not suitable for games given this rating.

Horror - Not suitable for games given this rating.
Mike: Hey, you wanna play this game called Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

Jack: Pfft... No! That's PEGI 3! I'd rather play Doom Eternal!

Mike: That's one player though!

Jack: Well at least it's got the PEGI 18 rating, that means it's epic.

Mike: You're 15, not even old enough to play it.

Jack: Well.. I'd get mildly used to it, so it's not a problem. Now go so I can play Doom Eternal!

Mike: Fine...

Jack: Wait! You're like 14... right?

Mike: Yes?

Jack: Just play a horror game. They're cool as well.

Mike: What horror games are there for me that aren't rated 16 or 18?

Jack: What kind of question is THAT? There's FNaF, Dark Deception, Bendy and The Ink Machine and some others.

Mike: Fine... goodbye.
by iamnotmyself April 25, 2022
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A European age rating system, created to inform people on if a game is suitable for them, or not.
3 - Suitable for ages 3 and over

• Childlike violence

• Very mild language

7 - Suitable for ages 7 and over

• Mild violence

• Mild language

Mild horror

12 - Suitable for ages 12 and over

• Moderate violence

• Infrequent bad language

• Moderate horror

• Mild sexual innuendo
• Mild sexual posturing

• Undetailed nudity

• Mild simulated gambling

16 - Suitable for ages 16 and over

• Strong violence

• Frequent bad language
• Infrequent coarse language
• Strong horror
• Moderate sexual innuendo
• Moderate sexual posturing

• Undetailed erotic nudity
• Mild sexual content

• Moderate simulated gambling
• Drug use

PEGI - Suitable for ages 18 and over

• Extreme violence

• Constant bad language

• Frequent coarse language

• Extreme horror
• Detailed erotic nudity
• Strong sexual content

• Real gambling

• Drug misuse
by iamnotmyself May 29, 2022
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A restriction that prevents people under a certain age from doing something.
An age restriction was set in the household that family members have to be 12 or over to watch a horror film.
by iamnotmyself April 17, 2022
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An ingredient that has been mysteriously missing and can't ever be found.
There is one simple question I gotta ask. Where is the lamb sauce?!?!?!?!?!
by iamnotmyself March 30, 2022
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