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a real gangsta not like fake ass nigga dre that left nwa with his homie ice cube
eazy e is tha real muthaphukkin g
by homie June 14, 2003

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hes the Shiznit, Top Dogg, Tha DoggFather, Tha Bo$$, The one and only D O double G.
I got bitchs in the living room gettin on and they ain leavin till 6 in the mornin
by Homie November 11, 2003

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1.a persons name
splain, what did you do today?

2.splain the coral blu numba 2 lipstick on this dolla
by homie April 06, 2004

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tha guy thats a pimp and gangsta. snoop dogg is tha real pimpsta.
I'm a C R I P and a P I M P too, I'm a real PIMP PLAYA from 213 crew
by homie December 01, 2003

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dr. dres nigga that almost died in car crash
i rememba tha day u crushed thats fucked up i neva foget wut u went through d.o.c.
by homie July 29, 2003

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hella surprised or shocked
some ho: im havin a baby wit yo brotha
homie: wut tha fuck!?
by homie June 28, 2003

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tea ghosts drink!!!

Hey, that girl that put that boo-tea joke on this site rocks! BOOTY? OH MAN NEVER SAW IT COMING, HAHAHAHAHAHA!
by Homie December 10, 2003

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