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a rapper who occasionaly apears on poor quality records. Never can be isolated on the reocrd however. tends to doss in the back of videos looking like a prick, friend of lil jon
baddas Mudda-fucka 1: yo, you heard that new cut by luda?
Bd MF 2: dat one wiv Mack 10?
Bd MF1: who?
by hippy January 17, 2005
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A forum moderator who feels the need to lock/delete every topic just because HE/SHE doesn't like it, goes slightly off-topic, and/or contains disagreement. They often take their "job" much too seriously, and feel superior to others. Moderating Nazis make a forum less fun with their persisting fascist ways.
Me: "Prankfurter, your Moderating Naziness reminds me of Hitler."

Prankfurter: *deletes post* LOCKED "This isn't a Democracy! I'm telling Verbal and he's going to IP ban you!! Ooooooohhhh!"
by hippy September 18, 2004
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When you wrap your bare ass cheeks around some unfortunate soul's nose (preferably while they're sleeping) and let a fart rip.
I gave my girlfriend a gravel pit cause the ho blueballed me last night.
by hippy March 10, 2004
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the use of a womens frozen faeces as a dildo
mate, lets get that women to partake in some space dogging while we jack off
by hippy February 28, 2004
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