A member of a forum that has extra rights and abilities to "keep the peace" and enact the rules set forth by the website admin or owners. Is most oftentimes (98%) a nerd that got his ass beat in high school and feels that, through the only authority he will ever obtain, he must take it out on "normies" and the rest of the world, by enforcing pointless rules. Usually in real life, they don't do well in direct sunlight and can't backup any confidence in real life.

Usually forum moderators that follow the rules strictly or more than a passive/collected moderator are enormously boring in real life, but think they are interesting and liked because of their personalities on the internet world. They don't realize it's the same reason why people try to make "friends" with a police officer.
"I couldn't figure out why I didn't have any cool friends, so I became a forum moderator in order to take my pain out on the world."
by rorytmeadows January 15, 2010
Sherdog is one of the biggest MMA website, therefore has a forum with high amount of members.

The moderators of the forum are most likely the biggest cocksucking faggots in the history of the internet.

These douchebags actually think that hold a position of power over a bunch of morons who kiss their ass because they are afraid of the ban hammer, thanks to their worthless and ridiculously high post count.
Sherdog poster:" BJ penn is a whining faggot"
positivebalance (greastest sherdog forum moderator ever): "fuck you motherfucker! don't diss my husband! arghhhhhhhhhhhh!" (*strikes teh ban hammer*)
by GreaseStPierre May 26, 2009
The abuse of an online forum's moderating, usually by most or rarely one of the sites moderators.
Forum moderator power abuse - removing posts that do not violate any of the forum's rules.
by 24EC24 January 31, 2012
Forum Moderator Syndrome refers to the act in which a person (Most of the time a person without any social life, e.g. a loser) gets a tiny amount of power via online forums or other online spaces. Once they have been given this tiny amount of power they go crazy with it.
Remy suffers from Forum Moderator Syndrome, he was given Moderator role on a Discord server, and now he's gone mad with power.
by TKOA July 12, 2020