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The word lmaw was first typed in the popular pc game counter-strike. The word lmaw was meant to mean Light Multi-purpose Assault Weapon, but was misinterpreted to be a typo of lmao. People started to say lmaw while they didn't know what it actually meant, thus is became the ultmate lmao substitute.
A. Hey man, i failed my pe test.
B. lmaw, you got pwnd.
by heroin August 20, 2006
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gktfo means got knocked the fuk out, which would be past tense for ktfo. gktfo is more funnier to say, if i do say so myself.
A. Hey guys, I failed my pe test.
B. gktfo, biatch.

A. Damn he killed me.
B. gktfo
by heroin August 21, 2006
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In Korean means Dog
Is pronounced Gay
Your dog is gay (개) in korean
by heroin December 20, 2017
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