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a wenis is actually the olecranal skin, and anyone who discounts that should ask Siri. Really. Do it.
Joe: i hurt my wenis!!!
Amy: no, that's your olecranal skin.

Joe: that's boring...
Amy: but it's true.
by hermitdoodle909 May 6, 2020
Bananas are the yellow, oblong, fruit that minions eat. Minions are from all of the Despicable Me movies. And the Minions movie. Minions are obsessed with this fruit for reasons unknown to mankind. Maybe because bananas are yellow like them. But minions are NOT oblong. Clearly. They look like massive pills with eyes, mouths, legs, and arms. Also clothes, but minions seem to only wear all of the clothes about half of the time in the movies. You now know everything about bananas. Bravo.
Bob ate the Banana!!!
by hermitdoodle909 May 6, 2020
An amazing wonderful person who loves to read and has a radiant smile. they’re shy at first, but when they open up they’re the best person you could know
by hermitdoodle909 November 4, 2021
dogs are little muffins to be loved and cherished. everyone deserves them. everyone wants to eat them.
Me: dogs are the most beautiful muffin
Anyone: wth are you saying
Me: *incapable of speech*
by hermitdoodle909 May 6, 2020
Something humanity is having trouble remembering, but something that we all strive for, like that really good meal you ate at the golden corral that you can't remember the next day.
kindness is good, but the golden corral tastes better.
by hermitdoodle909 May 6, 2020