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Jayla's name is derrived from the Jay Bird. Jayla is a very outgoing person with super ocean blue eyes that gets the attention of everyone she walks by. Jayla is also known for her great personality and badass parties.
You got invited to Jayla's party. Can I go as your guest?
by heavery April 21, 2009
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A name that means "Mighty Warrior".

Individuals with this name are usually leaders.
Our boss' name is Jalani.
by heavery February 26, 2009
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A last name of a very few select people. The name derives from ancient gods. Not to be confused with the Drysdales from the "Beverly Hillbillies". It's very irritating when it is confused with that show.

You will not likely find a Drisdale in your phonebook because they are very rare these days.
Hey, you know a Drisdale that is unbelievable!!!!

Wow, can I go with you to the Drisdale mansion!!!
by heavery March 13, 2009
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Town in Texas. Located in Matagorda county. About an hour from Houston, TX. Home of Charles Austin, Olympic Gold Medalist. Town has one stop light. It does have its own elementary, middle and high schools.

Also known as VV, V2 or Little Hollywood!!

Has the best country parties ever!!
We can party in the pasture at my house in Van Vleck!!
by heavery March 06, 2009
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