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Scientific term for a nigger.
(Sophisticated white people)
Son: Daddy, why is that man taking a bike that's not his?
Dad: That, my child, is because he is but a filthy 'Nigarus Ebonicus'.
by harrison ford September 30, 2013

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Where a man jumps from an airplane with no parachute, masturbating during his decent until he lands with his erect penis inside a hot chick's vagina. They both die, then the man jizzes inside her snatch.
The last thing I want to do before I die is do a Skydiving Instajizz.
by harrison ford July 29, 2014

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1. ) A contraption commonly found in the purse of females from Ireland.

2.) An Irish douche.
Sandy says, "Help me, Barbara. I seem to be leaking out of my vagina."

Barbara says, "Oh, don't worry, Dear Sandy. You can borrow my Eringobragh."
by Harrison Ford April 17, 2006

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