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When something so spectacularly amazing happens that you just can't possibly control yourself. Pure euphoria, in essence.
Waking up to that text message AND Lady Gaga was just too much. It was instajizz.
by Wadeski December 10, 2009
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to instanly jizz at the sight, taste, feel, etc of something.
Damn, I saw that chick and I insta-jizzed.
by 1337er than you July 22, 2005
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When something so incredible happens that you lose control and instantly jizz your pants
Person 1: "Dude when i turned that corner and saw that Taylor Swift poster i Instajizzed"

Person 2: "Yeah because she is Taylor Swift!"
by Sebastien Carson September 05, 2011
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When something is amazing, you call it insta jizz
Jeffrey: This PvP gear is "insta jizz"
Adam: When I ate that cinnabun it was 'instant jizz"

Noah: That Muffin was "Insta Jizz"
by cloudrunner66 April 11, 2011
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