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A phrase vaguely assuming that someone doesn't know something unlike you. Usually used by anyone who can't stand the fact that somebody young or old may know more than what you do.
Example 1/ Girl: Hey auntie I saw West Side Story some days back and I just love it. Especially that ending.

Auntie: What you know about that? That's my movie stop playing yourself. I saw it in theaters.

Girl: But you told me that you've only seen half of the movie in theaters when it came out because you fell asleep. You've never watched it again.????

Auntie: you'll understand when your 70.

Girl: lol....... yeah sure

Example 2/ Beehive fan: I love my hit jam Irreplaceable by the God Beyonce.

Beyonce: what you know about that??? I wrote the song. Bow down b******.

Ne-Yo: b**** please I wrote that song

Beehive fan: quiet Ne-Yo the Royal Queen is talking.
by handle is already in use May 27, 2019

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If you must know it's a word you use to greet somebody.
Michael: Hello, what are you doing Jake?

Jake: I'm looking up the definition of hello on Urban Dictionary.

Michael: That's probably the most stupidest thing you've done today Jake.
by handle is already in use November 02, 2018

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A place were you can find a bunch of Cranky white Females of very young ages under 40s arguing about style and what’s in or out. All of them never growing up in ways
Annoying tiktok 13 year old girl: Look at what they are Wearing.... I rather die $;)(shade$@)) out of style&)$piss piss

28 year old female tiktok adulting child: Who do you think you $$@@&&shade&77whatever&)&you don’t get it&$&@piss piss

Normal 28 and 13 year old: Cringe
by handle is already in use February 23, 2021

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