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internet beef is where one starts a fight online over the internet which cause's people to throw back stuipid comments at eachother knowing that they are small and can't fight for shit.
internet beef on face book

" OMG nick took me to the cinema what a boy! "
Jacky " haha he is a boner "

ray " fuck you Jacky i can smash your face in "
jacky not before i will smash your's in cunt "

ray " meet me at the park 1:00 pm a fight cunt "

the next day the fight dose not happen
by hamelt November 26, 2013

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a guy with a high levels of sadistic tendencies he
hey dude that pascoe kid he was watching saw the next day his mum was found dead,
by hamelt July 08, 2013

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when a man wants to have sex with a women in a dirty way. the man takes a big brown steamy pile of shit on the women's vagina and proceedes to have sex with the shit.
there other versions of it like tandoorian, troydorian
RAY RAY" hey man you know beth like from down the street?"
TOMMY" yes that sexy bitch i gave her a big jundorian "
RAY RAY"what?! fuck man i had sex with her now that explain why my dick came out brown and smelly fuck "
by hamelt November 17, 2013

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a grangie is a type of person who pay for crack by selling there ass to people
they will do anything for crack this includes , oral , anal, any other sick fetish
grangie- " hey honey how about some oral for some crack "

guy- " what the fu#k get away from me "

by stander- " how much kgs for 45 minutes "
by hamelt October 14, 2013

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when a girl is giving you deep throat to the point it makes her react and while your taking your dick out it ejaculates and the girl vomits at the same time.
guy 1: " hey that girl who worked at kfc blew me hard she went throat deep"
guy 2: "wow was she good?

guy 1" "yeah in the climax i pulled out and she chacked on my dick it was sweet i felt the chunky food on my cock"
by hamelt March 25, 2014

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