3 definitions by halloween socks

1. Absolutely giddy with anticipation

2. What my ass does after mexican food
3. A goofy response to the question “what are u doing”
Dude I’m absolutely shidding and fardding over this shirt I bought I can’t wait to wear it
by halloween socks August 9, 2021
When you start to have a crush on someone but they’re also your only option/ the only person giving you attention.

(Comes from the story of Anne Frank who had a crush on the only other boy that she knew)
Girl 1: I have the biggest crush on Aaron right now
Girl 2: I think you’re just franking for him cause he’s not that cute
by halloween socks August 9, 2021
Just like skinny dipping except you’re kinda chubby
Let’s go thick dipping Friday night it will be a double full moon if you know what i mean
by halloween socks July 22, 2021