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When a female holds a man's penis and that man shakes her arm/forearm in a masturbatory manner.
i didn't feel like touching my own dick so i had my girl grab it and i jostled her arm Dutch Familiar style for my own enjoyment.
by habitual sassbox January 01, 2010
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When a man uses his penis to check if a woman is running a fever and is a few degrees warmer than normal.
My girlfriend said she felt like she was getting the flu, but instead of going to the doctor I just used my flesh thermometer to see if her temperature was high.
by habitual sassbox February 26, 2010
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Someone who is sophisticated and also very fuckable.
Damn I want to hook up with that librarian. She is way sexy and very sophucksticated.
by habitual sassbox February 18, 2009
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A slang term for a most desirable, moist, and fuckable vagina.
My buddy boned down with that amazingly sexy waitress. He told me her quanq was unequaled in its gloriousness.
by Habitual Sassbox December 18, 2011
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Illegal drugs, within the confines of a woman's vagina, that are being smuggled across borders or seas.
Me: What are you doing next week?

Female friend: Going to South America for work.

Me: That's awesome! If you have an opportunity to bring me a quanq stash of blow i'd be most grateful.
by Habitual Sassbox July 06, 2012
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While engaging in coital relations the man fakes an orgasm with his unsuspecting lady. After some time passes his babe falls into a deep slumber. It is at this point when he administers masturbation techniques upon himself, while perched only slightly elevated above her face. This results in a culmination of a glorious DNA coating of the woman's face, particularly in and around and below her eyes. When she awakens, their are jizz remnants surrounding her magnificent peepers.
-'Hey, what did you get into last night?'

-'My girl came over and we had some fun. After boning for a bit i thought it'd be interesting to allow her to wear my Tears of Passion. It was a most triumphant experience for all involved.'
by habitual sassbox November 28, 2011
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someone, male or female, who engages in excessive amounts of slutty acts.
See that chick who's bartending. We nicknamed her the slutenator since she has fucked nearly every guy in the bar.
by habitual sassbox February 08, 2009
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