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Another way of saying "True that!"
Also, this file has found its way into many viruses as a humorous title of a .dat file. Chances are, if you have this file on your desktop or root windows folder, you have been hacked.

Clanmate1: I totally pwn3d that guy!
Clanmate2: tru.dat!
by h4x0r_w00t! November 27, 2004
The state in which I live in. We are, proudly:

1. Redneck
2. Hicks
3. Shot-gun-shooters
4. Addicted to taxes
5. White (well, 98% of us)
6. have a kick-ass accent
7. will shoot you
8. under-funded
9. awesome
We live in Maine. We are awesome. We are kick-ass. Wi will shoot you. we have lots of trees.
by h4x0r_w00t! November 27, 2004
The 'zzle' term for 'For Sure my friend!'
Shakesphere: "Yes, friend, I shall take out the donkey excretement"
Today: "Fo shizzle my fizzle. fo gimmieizzle my shvelizzle bizzle?"
by h4x0r_w00t! November 27, 2004
A way of lifestyle, where one goes to the edges of reason without breaking any laws.
1)Do you LiveviL?
by h4x0r_w00t! February 16, 2005
The l33t form for D.
|)U|)3, zup |)avvg?
|)aVi|) is awexome
by h4x0r_w00t! November 27, 2004