when you can't decide between hehe or haha, just say heha. only thing is it sounds a bit like a donkey. neh so just use it online.
person one: (does something amusing)
person two: (thinks; hehe? haha?) heha!
by :poisonedheart: January 14, 2004
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When its too awkward to use the common phrase “hehe” or “haha”, or when you are excited/glad but anxious.
Heha, well I should be going now.”
Oh my god, he likes it, heha
by shooqi October 8, 2021
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A mixture of hehe and haha. Thus HEHA!
Sam: Oi! That guy just pissed himself.
Eliza: HEHA!
by Sam And Eliza December 4, 2008
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