15 definitions by gumby

75% Tiger and 25% Lion.
Tigons are stupid and they reek like poo.
by gumby March 10, 2005
A school where all of the "hot" girls are actually ugly. And really JAP-y.
Damn, did you see those Oakwood sluts? They ugly. I'ma go check out those Harvard-Westlake chicks...now those are some fine ass girls.
by gumby December 3, 2004
n. alcoholic beverage

refers to the rubber-like movements exhibited by an intoxicated person
Let's sneak out to the parking lot for some gumby.
by gumby March 7, 2005
the obnoxious attitude taken up by men under 3 ft tall with ambiguous genitalia
Gabordi has such a case of short man syndrome
by gumby February 22, 2005
That disgusting clump of ice, snow and slush that accumulates under your car's fenders behind the wheels during the winter months.
Sometimes when you hit a good pothole it'll knock the fenderbergs of your car.
by gumby April 17, 2003
A semi-polite way of admitting that you don't have a clue. Abbreviation for "I don't f***ing know."
by gumby January 21, 2003