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To have Comparison to Smoky

To have ones life force sucked out by a whore like girlfriend
Daaaaammmnn Ben...your smokefied
by guess who November 3, 2003
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1)To spend an entire day at work doing absolutely bugger all other than circulating funny emails

2)To have the capacity to sleep with ones eyes open, thereby giving the illusion of diligent effort, having been up all night playing pokerand imbibing cheap merlot.
1)I think I'll Stead today

2) I'm having a steady sort of day today. Got any nurofen?
by guess who November 28, 2003
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Possibly the greatest car manufacturer of all time. You cannot find better cars for the price. Try. Go ahead! Try to! They don't exist!
"Subaru is totally awesome and the best." - Everyone smart
by guess who July 29, 2004
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To apply an engine management system to a car
That boosted prelude was t00ned to run rich.
by guess who June 2, 2003
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