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Anyone from Darien. They tend to be affluent. Their main rival is New Cannan. People from New Cannan are gay. They are so gay that they lose in every sport they try...see you at the turkey bowl next year ladies.
Wow, Darien's awesome, new cannan blows
by guess who April 26, 2005
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a cuban or puerto rican that floated over to florida in the gulf.
My old school in florida was filled with floaters.
by guess who April 19, 2005
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Clark has not parked the car in the garage yet. He's saving it for someone he really cares about
by guess who May 20, 2004
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yo, PB off of PB and J otter is crunk as hell.
by guess who December 22, 2004
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an internal detection system which monitors and registers the presence of a hoe and indicates the hoe-nosity level of a person or groups of people one comes in contact with.
As the cheerleaders passed by me, my hoe-dar went wacko.
by guess who March 13, 2004
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