Gradius is Konami's horizontal shoot 'em up series.
Similar games are R-Type, Silpheed, Phalanx, Darius, In the Hunt, Z-Out, Einhander, and Katakis. Over the years, the Gradius series has spawned a decent amount of sequels. The original Gradius was released in 1985. In the Gradius saga, you pilot the most advanced starship known as the Vic Viper. This series has always put you up against hulking, difficult bosses and in the PS2 installment, Gradius 5, the developers went over board and decided to take Gradius to a whole new level of intense action. Konami has also made a parody series on Gradius known as Parodius.
Games in the series:
Gradius II
Gradius III
Gradius IV
Gradius V
Gradius Gaiden
Salamander ('Life Force' in the U.S.)
Salamander II
Nemesis II
Gradius III & IV Re-release
by bydo March 28, 2005
The game that actually introduced the Konami code (up up down down left right left right B A), most people think that it originally started in Contra. In this game, pausing the game and using the code gives you full powerups, but can only be done once per game.
Gradius is such a hard game, like most other NES games.
by U Ben Had July 29, 2017
One of the best motherfucking schooters of its time. Sadly overlooked by crappy games like GTA 3.
Person: So what games do you play?
Me: Many, Gradius III being one of them.
Person: It's 2003 and you still play games from 1990 with no cutscenes, 3D visuals, or badass graphics? You're retarded.
Me: Not all good games are new. *shoots him with a shotgun*
by dj gs68 September 1, 2003