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A spoonerism of "smart feller", a humorous and frequently derogatory term used to describe someone who demonstrates intelligence (or a reasonable facsimile) in a conversation. Can be applied to males or females. First heard in the early 1990s. Identical to fart smucker

In conversation, it is sometimes followed by the correct pronunciation for humorous effect.
So THAT's how calculus works. You sure are a fart smeller. I mean smart feller.
by Grue December 14, 2003
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Any woman big enough to be compared to a sea cow, applies especially if she's prone to water.
My god, Stewart! Look at the escaped womanatee, she's eating the entire buffet!
by grue May 31, 2005
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Somewhat polite term for shit list
That mofo just moved to the top of my fecal roster
by Grue December 14, 2003
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To dress up in a typically metrosexual fashion, go out, and get drunk whilst attempting to meet women. This is different from typical metrosexual and/or male behaviour in that it occurs much more often than is considered "normal." In other words: Nightly.

This term is named after an irc entity who, in his normal channel, has become invariably associated with this activity.
"So, you going to nelluk this week, or just lay low?"
by grue March 08, 2005
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(noun) A doughnut or other small sweet pastry.
If you keep scarfing down those fat pills your ass is gonna be as big as a fucking house!
by Grue January 18, 2004
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(noun) Male or female who performs the act of cunnilingus. Sometimes used as a derogatory term for lesbians.

If it smells good, EAT IT!
Her pussy was so beautiful it made me proud to be a skilled ditch licker.
by Grue December 14, 2003
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(N) A proctologist; a doctor that specializes in disorders of the anus, rectum, male prostate gland and lower gastrointestinal tract.
When the ass mechanic stuck his finger in Bob's poop chute, he moaned another doctor's name. He's been regretting it ever since!
by Grue December 30, 2003
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