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A skanky brat who is prone to mockery from her closest friend.
Laura P is a bitch ho, fo sho.
by Noak November 10, 2007
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Someone who is a bitch and a ho at the same time.
Also can be spelled bitch-hoe, or bitcho.
by Guerin Platte November 04, 2006
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(also spelled bitchhoe) noun. derogatory term combining the phrases bitch and ho/hoe. Used to describe someone who is a) whiny, b) manipulative, c) cruel, d)ignorant, e) lying, f) back-stabbing, g) selfish, h) unfaithful to one's boyfriend, i) unfaithful to one's usual clients, j) of questionable morals, k) or otherwise stupid, annoying, or any combination of the above traits.

Can also be used to address one's friends similarly to other insults.

(often mistaken for a diva, slut, or baby momma.)
"Don's ex is such a bitchho! She's trying to tell me that she's pregnant with his kid again."
"You stole my pencil again? Bitchho!"
by Crispy March 16, 2004
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A slang term describing someone (usually a female) who is crude and tends to sleep with others for a profit. Also used by many rappers.
That slut over there is a nasty ass bitch ho!

Rappers say: yea, yea, what?, yea, yea, nigga wut?, boom boom, bitch ho! Yea...bitch ho bitch bitch ho ho!
by MUG March 07, 2004
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a.k.a. g-ho; ho-fan, Ar-fan, auntie, etc.
someone who is very annoying and 'fan', could be use as a noun, verb, object
object>bitch-ho is crazy today...well, everyday.
noun>she is such a bitch-ho
verb>OMFG, auntie is bitch-ho-ing everyone...RUN FOR YOUR LIVE!!!
by Ar Fan January 03, 2005
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