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The word to describe a person who has sadly been misled by the lies of George Bush and his "quest for peace".
Tom: "We went to Iraq to save the people from an evil regime where they were constantly in danger"
Me: "You're so bush blinded that you ignore the fact we still have no accurate Iraqi casualty list (which is estimated in the thousands"
Tom: ".......That's what yo momma said about you.."
by gri-unit October 01, 2005
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How about NO! Ya crazy Dutch Bastard
by Gri-Unit April 28, 2005
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The comeback to any insult/negative comment
see so's your face and i know you are but what am i
Can ONLY be countered by "if i wanted a comeback, i'd wipe it off your chin"
Protester: Your bloody war has killed hundreds, if not thousands of people, destroyed countless amounts of property, and has made your country the most infamous in the world, all in the name of preserving America's oil interest.
Republican: .............. THAT'S WHAT YO MOMMA SAID ABOUT YOU!
Protester: Well you got me there.
by gri-unit October 02, 2005
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The Grindin'-Unit
Gri-Unit 4 life, not just 4 christmas
1.Ain't nuttin but a gri thang baby...
2."Hey I heard Gri-Unit are gettin' sued by G-Unit."
"Hmm wonder why"
3.Dear G-Unit, Please don't sue us man. From Gri-Unit
by Gri-Unit April 28, 2005
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Camping in Wales is a joke from the devil, not like the funny ones where everyone laughs, but like the mean ones, where someone gets pushed off a brick wall, hits their head and bleed VEEEEEEEEEEEERY slowly to death, whilst satan shits himself laughing
See also hell and shithole
Tom: Hey man, where were you last week?
Me: Guuuuuuuh
Gus: Oh, he went camping in Wales...
Me: Guuuuuuuh
Tom: Poor bastard
Me: Guuuuuuuh
by gri-unit October 01, 2005
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A fine example of cracker music, it's not really that bad, but its just very, very...(i wanna say white?)
I made my own lyrics for this:
"Sweet home alabama!,
Whitest country in the state!
We gon' hang us a neega,
We'll use my stereo as bait!"
by gri-unit October 01, 2005
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The name given to a certain Joshua if he is spastic
1.uh oh ita JONG THE SPAZ MA TAZ
2.Oh jong, you're such a spaz
by Gri-Unit April 28, 2005
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