3 definitions by gizdor

This is pussy so bad that you would tunnel out under her bed through 3 feet of shit just to keep from having to take one more taste.
Listen Mike,she's hot as hell but unless you want Shawshank Pie for dessert leave it alone.
by gizdor April 30, 2009
This is the first crap taken after a large Italian meal.
That meatball hero was great!Now it's time to make Fat Tony sleep with the fishes.
by gizdor April 30, 2009
This is mostly a male sighting since a woman does not normaly see the underside of a toilet seat unless she's cleaning it or her man doesn't have the brains to put it down.Mainly, shit that splashes up to form a pattern on the underside of a toilet seat much like that of a connect the dots puzzle.Most men can identify another offender by their splat.This is the true basis for the CSI shows.
Hey Mike,did you see that shitsplat in the men's room?I think it was Pete.
by gizdor May 20, 2009