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Noun. Object. Rolled bits of toilet paper stuck on your pubes due to unsatisfactory wiping techniques. Can also be called "cootie crickets" as in the old sled dogg song "crotch cooties and cooter crickets forever."
Go take a bath babe, you're crawlin with cooter crickets!
by ginger petunia November 30, 2003
A veal fattening pen is a work environment where the employee sits within a cube farm. In addition to the inconvenience of having no privacy in the veal-fattening pen, a whole series of specialized organizational products will now require purchase or you'll have no place to put your gear. i.e. T-pins instead of push-pins and so on. See also: cube farm
It is time to quit your job when the walls come in for your new veal-fattening pen; for by next week you'll be working in a cube farm.
by ginger petunia May 16, 2004
To perform a search for one's own name, or especially their online nickname, using any search engine on the World Wide Web. -also called ego surfing. See also "googling"
She was mackin on me until I got up and went to my computer and googled our names together and then she told me, "I don't like boys who hafta ego search; that's tired."
by ginger petunia October 24, 2003
Cinco means five and de Mayo stands for "better take a cab home gringo" because 5 times the cervesa means 10 times the hangover bro.
All beers are for a nickel, so while the mahi-mahi mango chutney tacos are good, ayeeeee! Cinco de Mayo is really turning into amatur drinking night isn't it?
by ginger petunia January 6, 2005
March 17th
two days after the Ides of March

In america this Holiday is a.k.a. the "Wearin o' the Green" day.

It's a day for parades that celebrate Ireland or being of Irish heritage.

Some pubs dye ther beer or anything else green with food coloring. It is too bad because Certain foods, like eggs, when dyed green, look incredibly puke-inducing.

see cinco de mayo
This Beer tastes good, (hiccup) let's just hope Erin goes bra-less!
by ginger petunia November 29, 2003