the act of searching the internet for one's own name or for information containing it to see what happens
how did ego surfing catch on?
by The Return of Light Joker August 19, 2009
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Continual, excessive monitoring of responses to one's own posts on an internet forum or blog. This behavior is motivated primarily by vanity, self-absorption and concern about one's own online image or reputation.
Jeff logs onto his favorite board each day and spends most of his time ego-surfing.
by Mick Jaegermeister July 23, 2006
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Using a search engine to find references to oneself on the internet
by Egomaniac September 18, 2003
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Searching the internet for things describing oneself; also using search engines to answer people's questions on forums in order to appear knowledgeable in the subject, unlike the dumbsh1t you really are.
Toxis must be an intelligent man.
No, he just uses ego-surfing because he's a twat.
by WhiteBoy88 November 21, 2005
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