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A low-paid rent-a-cop with attitude. A thug cheaply employed as a private security guard who struts like a wannabe cop. A uniformed goon or dickhead with a badge.

Examples include: nightclub bouncers and public transport inspectors.

Just like items available from the Two Dollar Shop, the two dollar cop is easily paid for but badly put together and unsafe because it does not meet the normal quality assurance standards.
"I got abused and fined $167 by this Connex two dollar cop for having my foot on the seat, while a junkie was vomiting on the floor two seats away."
by gillfish November 03, 2008
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1. Verbal filler.

2. A word or phrase without meaning used to indicate that the end of the sentence has not yet been reached.

3. Evidence someone is talking faster than they are thinking.
"So um, in terms of the, like, household chores, as you know, it's about, well, fully your turn, I think, as they say, to, ah, wash the dishes, so to speak. Know what I mean?"
"Cut the word putty and tell me what you want!"

Expert analysis later revealed more than half the professors lecture was word putty.

"Her rant was fully random - all word putty, but no window!"
by gillfish October 19, 2008
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(1) The trance-like state of indecision caused by too many food options.

(2) The unseen force that ensures that shopping when hungry or when suffering the munchies, especially in a well-stocked Asian grocery store, will always take longer and cost more than you planned.
(1) “Drag yourself out of that Sauce Vortex and order something! You’ve been reading the menu for 15 minutes!”

(2) “We’re having a Szechwan / Malaysian / Vietnamese / Korean banquet for dinner tonight because I got sucked into a Sauce Vortex in the Golden Rooster Asian Food Store this morning.”
by gillfish February 20, 2009
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1. Using an iPod.
2. Using MP3 to isolate oneself from ones environment and the people in it.
3. The culture of the iPod.
1. "I was like Ripping CDs, man. My whole weekend was like fully gone on iPodiatry!"

2. Police say the victims calls for help went unnoticed due to iPodiatry.

3. Industry analysts predict the new implant, when combined with high bandwidth local wireless networks, will finally spell the end of iPodiatry.
by gillfish October 15, 2008
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The intense desire to own a material object.
Man that new iPod... I've got total thing-lust.

Police say his life was so ruled by thing-lust that he starved to death in a house full of consumer electronics.
by gillfish October 17, 2008
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1. A typo for otherwise.

2. Possessing the wisdom of an otter.

3. Of or about younger, slim, hairy gay men.
1. "If the zoo queue is not too great, let's gape at the apes. Otterwise, let's go ogle the ocelots."

2. "That might be smart like a fox or otterwise."

3. "Invite Darryl if you like, but I'm already hooked-up otterwise."
by gillfish May 27, 2010
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Literary fiction about vampires and/or werewolves.
"She's into Twilight and other bit lit. She's too wierd for chick lit but not wierd enough for clit lit!"
by gillfish May 10, 2010
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