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Ray William Johnson is a youtuber, self proclaimed comedian and overall a useless piece of suck that doesn't deserve half of the six digit salary he makes. Most of his viewers are either swagfags or too stupid to realise all his jokes are the same of what an 11 year old would make. He hosts a show called =3 where he literally takes videos from other peoples channels without permission and just says what happens in them adding a said unfunny dirty joke. He is currently the highest subscribed channel on YouTube, proving that subscribers don't matter. He is the scum of the earth.
Swag-Fag: Hey man did you see this weeks =3? Ray William Johnson is so funny, haha fake and gay!
Person with sense: I don't watch shit.
by GeorgeLopez December 02, 2012
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this is when you awaken your significant other by shoving your thumb in her ass, while yelling common Australian catch phrases. "G'day Mate!" and "I just shoved my shrimp in your Bar-B!" are the most common.
Mary prefers the Australian alarm clock to the Eskimo mushroom hammer.
by georgelopez September 07, 2008
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1. this is when you bludgeon and kill a seal with your erect penis
2. this is when you awaken your significant other by hitting her repeatedly in the face with the head of your penis. (see also: Australian alarm clock.
1. Even though the eskimo mushroom hammer is fun, PETA is strongly against it.
2. Lisa prefers the eskimo mushroom hammer to the australian alarm clock.
by georgelopez September 07, 2008
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this is when you interrupt doggy-style anal coitus and replace your penis with a bottle of hot sauce. thus, a mexican fireplace is in essence a hot sauce enema.
Last Monday, Mary begged for the mexican fireplace.
by georgelopez September 07, 2008
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adjective or adverb 1. made of or pertaining to feces 2. a nice way of saying shitty, or something is not to one's liking
Steve: Did you see that rendition of the Mona Lisa a the Modern Art Museum?

Perry: Yeah. I saw it. It was a little stooly for my tastes though. And it looked nothing like the original.
by georgelopez April 03, 2009
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