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when one tries to overcompensate from a position of power or weakness. Typically acting unnecessarily tough, invoking threats of non-fatal violence like punching, pushing and personal space invasion. The later being the favorite of the office nut-flexer in which deals, leads and projects are reassigned based on juvenile bullying tactics.
"Yo how come my order didn't deliver today?"

"Because another customer called up and started flexing-nuts"


"Yeah he came to the factory and tried to fight my boss"
by georgelasealva January 24, 2016

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when you get so drunk you forget you're human.
dude, emily got kerdoodleschnitzled last night

I know! she was walking around on all fours and eating woodschips man, so metal!
by georgelasealva July 28, 2016

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when a human male prematurely ejaculates after seeing a female but before sexual (or non-sexual) contact is initiated.
"dude, look at her, she is a no-contact-cum!"


(jizzes pants)

by georgelasealva December 09, 2016

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1. an attractive physical characteristic or action.

2. a clever, yet hasty solution to a mechanical or emotional problem.
"yo, miranda's ass is straight cutlass"

"dude, that router is cutlass. You used a hangar to bumpthe signal to get porn in your room?"

"yeah, in 4k"
by georgelasealva January 24, 2016

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a man who acts tough but is actually an emotionally insecure child man baby inside.
Dude, chad is a total flufflepuff, he started crying when we made fun of his shorts last night?

For real?

Yeah and then Karen made out with me right in front of him, her EX-boyfriend hHhahahahahaha
by georgelasealva June 02, 2016

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