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When a shit lasts so long that you are able to listen to the entire song by Lynyrd Skynyrd while on the toilet.
After that Mexican last night, I had to take one hell of a freebird shit.
by funnythatsmyname October 27, 2010

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A word used in response to hearing a story from a friend that will inevitably lead to an awkward situation. Such as the basis of many bad sitcoms.
Friend 1: It looks like my grandma and her 2 cats are going to be staying with me and my girlfriend this week.

Friend 2: Sitcommmmmm!
by funnythatsmyname February 21, 2011

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Extremely prejudiced way of describing someone of questionable ethnic background.
You better watch out for that goshdarn islamajohn, he doesn't celebrate Easter.
by funnythatsmyname April 05, 2010

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A similar sensation to jetlag, except this occurs when watching several episodes of the TV show JAG. Usually prevalent with senior citizens, this is felt when 1 leg falls asleep.
Hey Morty, could you get me another canister of prunes, I'm got Jagleg again and I can't get up.
by funnythatsmyname March 08, 2011

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Tatties, milk duds, gazungas, hose hounds. Boobs.
Man, the economy is tanking, but at least she's got a nice set of hedge funds.
by funnythatsmyname July 23, 2009

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