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The example given in #31 should be enough proof as to the intellect of the typical chav. They can't spell, nor can they speak in a fashion that is understandable to anyone else but a charver. However, the male variety are proficient in getting stinkin' pissed every day of the week, and the female is likely to breed like rabbits before they reach the ripe old age of 16, and are typically on the public dole. They think they are tough, but they are instead ridiculous. The dregs of society. Monkeys that fling feces at a zoo are better mannered.
Charv: Lenz a tab, ay?
Human: What?
Charv: A fag, m8!
Human: I am not your mate, and I suspect you could afford your own cigarettes if you were intelligent enough to acquire even a part-time job. Sod off!
Charv: Fook off, cunt!
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A cleverly disguised shopping bag that is lined in some manner with aluminum foil so that it renders electronic shoplifting sensors useless. Used by shoplifters to secret their ill-gotten goods out of the store unnoticed.
Q. Dude! How in the heck did you lift those 14 pairs of jeans?

A> I just dropped them in my booster bag and walked out the front of the store!
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The horn in an automobile. Used in conversation to describe the idiotic act of continuously honking the car horn for several seconds instead of doing what is safe and prudent while traveling at an unsafe speed... applying the brakes.

So named for the unfortunate driving practices of Mexican cab drivers.

Also known as the Egyptian brake pedal.
Yo Vashon! Don't slow down at that intersection. We are going to be late for our drug deal! Give 'em the Mexican brake pedal... those pedestrians will get the Hell out of our way!
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In congruence. In harmony. At one with.
He lived his entire life with his longtime girlfriend, in sambo, and in agreement; his life at peace.
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A honeywagon is a manure spreader.

The wheels are mechanically attached to a mechanism that has tines upon an axel that throw clumps of manure into a barren field.

Thats it. Nothing more than poop being thrown out of the back of a wagon.
I went to my uncles farm in Eyota. He had an old honeywagon sitting in the side yard. Oh boy. Did that ever stink. No amount of varnish could ever disguise what that piece of machinery was made for... I hope some city slicker comes along and thinks its some sort of collectable... and puts it in the city center of Rochester.
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What violent, unemployed hooligans on the European continent drink: a mix of cider or lager and banana liquour. It is a horrid conconction that no normal person would ever dream of drinking. It is a favorite of skinheads and other slackers.
The young, unemployed German man spent his entire morning drinking diesels, then he joined up with his friends to rob and beat some law-abiding elderly citizens.
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The visual sight of swirling beer cans and trash in the back of a pick up while traveling down a roadway.

Created by the vortex (draft) coming over the top of a pickup into the bed. The vortex creates a swirling tornado of debris that soon flies out of the bed and litters the highway with garbage.
Joe Bob created quite the visual as all the crap in the back of his pickup created a Texas tornado while traveling up Interstate 45.
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