Term for the penis coined by Triple H of the WWE back when he and Shawn Michaels were D-Generation X.
"Maybe I'll show her my lance corporal, and show her what standing at attention is all about" quote from Triple H
by theunknownone September 11, 2005
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A code name for a homosexual. The term was inspired by the 1986 film Heartbreak Ridge in which gunny Highway calls lance corporal Fragetti a Faggeti- a play on the term 'faggot' which is an offensive term for a homosexual. The term is generally used in a low profile conversation in a public place in which the speakers wouldn't want those around them to know what they are referring to. The term can also be used as an insult, and the recipient more than likely won't know the meaning of it so therefore can't deny or confirm whether or not they are indeed a lance corporal which gives the user an advantage.
Jerry: Hey Pete, look over there, I think that guys a lance corporal
Pete: Oh yes, he's a lance alright! crop top, short shorts, bent wrist and a trolley full of Vaseline!
by Phil Mi Groin May 1, 2019
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Jarrod Phillips Marine Corps. Confirmed 52 casualities first tour of Iraq. Took a bullet for Staff Sargeant Hamilton. He won four state wrestling titles due to his back and leg muscles.
Lance Corporal
by dillon archeluta October 15, 2010
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Term used in the Marines to refer to the gossip passed around by those of a lower rank (usually lance corporals) about deployments, promotions, and any other topic pertaining to a unit's agenda.
Lance Corporal: So, I heard through the Lance Corporal Underground that we are going to Okinawa in May.

Other Lance Corporal: STFU I'm peeing.
by jmusmc85 June 6, 2010
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